Aerated Fluid Drilling

Aerated Fluid Drilling refers to a fluid (water or mud) based drilling system into which air is injected into the drill string under pressure in order to lower the hydrostatic pressure in the wellbore often resulting in a desired ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density) of 7lbs per gallon or less.

Aerated Fluid Drilling Layout Aerated fluid systems are very beneficial in severe loss zones where conventional mud systems cannot function or cannot function economically. By regulating air pressure and volumes with the mud pump rate, a state of equilibrium in the annulus can be reached, resulting in neither losses or gains to the formation.

PH values should be kept very high in order to combat the corrosive environment indigenous to an aerated fluid system.

Aerated Fluid Drilling is a proven method that prevents lost circulation, substantially reduces the mud cost and increases the penetration rate in low pressure reservoirs.

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