About Us

Total Wellhead & Rental Tools is a privately held oil field service company that straddles the two largest oil and gas provinces in the mid-continent, the Anadarko Basin and the Hugoton Embayment. These Basin's consist of the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle, Southwestern Kansas and Western Oklahoma.

Total is a complete cased hole rental and fishing tool company recognizing the basin's need for under balanced circulation. As demand grew for air circulation e quipment, Total expanded to open hole air circulation operations. Total has qualified personnel who have performed fishing and rental services since the late 1960's.

Since the 1950's original equipment manufacturers (Cameron, Gulfco, OCT, Rector, Gray, Huber, National, and WKM), have supplied wellhead equipment to the Anadarko Basin and Hugoton Embayment, resulting in the need for a large remanufactured inventory of centrally located wellhead equipment and replacement parts. Total has filled this need. Total has qualified personnel who have performed wellhead services since the late 1970's.

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